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The Veerenni quarter beats to its own visual rhythms and is full of surprises. The Tiiu 12 buildings form part of the Veerenni development and reflect the earlier architecture found on the site. The buildings have been arranged on the property at a slight angle so as to face towards the centre point of the quarter, utilising the unexpected design rhythms of the site. Light and dark concrete expanses on the facades of the buildings sit alongside brick surfaces to form a balanced symbiosis. The coolness of this concrete is offset by the warm texture of timber. From the street, views will open up of the landscaped courtyards between the buildings, emphasising the safe, fully integrated feel of the quarter.

Velle Kadalipp

A city is a constantly evolving whole – and so is the complex we’ve designed on Veerenni Street. The buildings at Veerenni 36b/Pille 11 take the best of everything we’ve done to date to make a brand new, fully integrated living environment. Situated close to one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, Tehnika Street, Uus-Veerenni will shine as a modern, forward-looking quarter which will entice those who have already chosen to live in the area as well as those who have always dreamed of doing so to come and enjoy the best of urban living. Like all the buildings we design, these too will be marked out by their long-lasting, carefully considered architecture.

J.-A. Tarbe

The Tiiu 14 buildings comprise sections of different heights with a variegated external appearance. The frontages of the buildings line up along Tiiu Street. A more intimate, car-free space opens out into the courtyard, which will enjoy natural light. The playful facades of the buildings will feature both coloured bricks and light concrete surfaces, with trapezium-shaped windows adding a unique decorative touch.

The idea behind the outdoor space was that each part of it should form a special meeting place of its own. Winding pathways and green sections will soften the architectural geometry of the buildings. In a nod to the quarter’s own identity, rainwater in the courtyard area will be channelled into a stone-bottomed hollow with landscaped slopes, providing a fun and eye-catching natural space to play in.

– KOKO Architects

Raivo Kotov
Anni Haldre-Isand
Carolyn Rennu
Lembit-Kaur Stöör

Interior architects


The six very different interior finish packages you can choose from for these apartments have something for everyone, whether you favour a bolder look or something more neutral. The atmosphere of the Veerenni district is combined with modern, high-quality materials in the packages. Attention has been turned to every detail whilst allowing home-owners the freedom to create their own interior worlds. In devising the packages, the wishes of even the most demanding clients were taken into account: everyone’s sure to find a finish to their liking.

Kersti Pilar

The buildings due to be constructed in this stage of the project are divided up between three different types of building, each of whose floor plans complement it and feature unique stairwells. The focus in the four-storey building will be on a more ‘industrial’ finish in its shared spaces. The apartments on the ground and top floors of the six-storey buildings will feature high ceilings, allowing materials to be used that are clearly modern but also timeless. The apartments in the three-storey blocks will be distinguished and entirely personal to their owners, each covering an entire floor. A range of interior finish packages is available, with those for living areas and sanitary spaces able to be interchanged and combined. Each package has a different feel, from contemporary to naturally timeless, and with harmonious details featuring discreet ornamentation. Tall wood-panel doors and natural herringbone parquet will underscore the dignified history of the site, while smooth plywood materials can be used to create an atmosphere of modern Nordic calm.

Ahti Peetersoo

The idea behind our interior finish concept sprang from the red and green brick facades of the Tiiu 14-1 and 14-2 buildings, which became the starting point for the choices we made in the Pariis and Tokyo packages. The other packages were about giving future home owners plenty of choice and offering something for everyone: a more natural, neutral palette for the Nordically inclined; something along more classic lines; a slightly darker, more nebulous option; and something sunnier for those who like mixing old and new.

– KOKO Architects

Piret Carson
Raili Paling



construction of the Uus-Veerenni residential district begins


the first apartment buildings are completed


the Uus-Veerenni park in the Uus-Veerenni complex is officially opened


almost 400 families already call the Uus-Veerenni quarter home


construction on the Veerenni Street side of the quarter is completed


the quarter’s own kindergarten opened its doors

The future

the construction of Tiiu 14/1 homes will begin

The future

high-rise buildings in the middle of the block will be constructed

The future

the quarter’s own commercial building