A safe and cozy living environment

Metsatuka homes that sit next to Pääsküla woods and marsh trails are perfect for nature lovers and those that prefer a somewhat more private living environment. The safe fenced-in yard invites all little ones at Metsatuka to join in fun games, while grownups delight in happy neighborly chit chat. Forest trails and Nõmme’s idyllic streets beckon wonderers for exciting walks and bike tours, offering a boatload of delightful discoveries and beautiful sights for young and old alike. Nudging you on for healthy living, bicycle barking is available in the yard and on underground floors. To ensure convenience for people with reduced mobility, each hallway is equipped with an elevator and almost all building entrances are on ground level.

Architecture that values nature

Southward sections of Metsatuka houses, set amidst tranquil greenery, are three stories high, while other section rise to four stories; parking is mostly available underground. This new living environment is planned to house approximately 130 homes. Many apartments boast views of two cardinal directions and almost all of the apartments have spacious balconies with glass railing. Metsatuka’s most luxurious homes that, owing to their three exterior walls, provide for breathtaking views and lots of sunshine benefit from a sauna and rooftop terrace.

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