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Uus-Veerenni to be expanded with new Uus-Veerenni Park stage

As the next stage in the development of Uus-Veerenni, the Uus-Veerenni Park apartment buildings will be built along Pille Street on the Vana-Lõuna Street side of the development. It will feature 59 one- to four-room apartments.

Landscaping and a playground and recreational area exposed to noonday and afternoon sun will be developed near the two four-storey buildings and one six-storey building in Uus-Veerenni Park ( Pedestrian and bike paths will criss-cross the interior of the development and cars will have an underground parking garage.

“Day by day, the Uus-Veerenni area is getting more and more busy. More than 130 families have already moved into their new homes and business operations are underway within the commercial areas. We will continue to build along Veerenni Street, but will expand our product range, by providing a new architectural solution and a quarterly location on the other side of the development area, ” said Tiit Kuusik, director of Merko Ehitus Eesti’s real estate development division.

In creating the architectural solution for Uus-Veerenni Park, architect Velle Kadalipp was inspired by plywood as a material to which the Luther factory, formerly situated in the same location, has added historical value. Hints of the layered structure of the plywood and the striped cross-section may be seen in the design of the facades as well as in the stairways of the houses. The higher volume of the building is convex in shape, similar to bent plywood, which curves around the adjacent traffic circle.

The new apartment buildings are of energy class B and are built on the principle of Smart House. The buildings have one to four-room apartments, some of which with private balconies or terraces facing the courtyard. The apartments are equipped with forced ventilation with heat recovery and room-controlled water underfloor heating.

The apartments in the Uus-Veerenni Park range in size from 33 to 133 square meters and have a price between 2,746 and 3,795 euros.

Pursuant to the decision taken by AS Merko Ehitus Group on 23 March 2020 not to launch new development projects for the next three months given the current pandemic, the completion date for the buildings in Uus-Veerenni Park is currently being reassessed.

Uus-Veerenni is the largest comprehensive residential development area in tge city centre of Tallinn, located between Veerenni, Vana-Lõuna and Tehnika streets. About half a hundred new apartment buildings will be constructed in the total amount of the development project in the next ten years. Premises for small businesses and offices on the first floors of buildings will be established, while a kindergarten and a commercial building will be built at a later stage of the development.

In the first stage of Uus-Veerenni, that is by the end of 2019, twelve buildings with a total of 137 apartments and 8 commercial spaces were completed and within the second stage, eight buildings with a total of 88 apartments and four commercial spaces will be completed by the end of 2020. Information on the construction stages along Veerenni Street may be found on