Building Estonia’s future

What began with just a few construction teams in 1990 has become a powerful construction and real estate group – Merko Ehitus – now listed on NASDAQ Tallinn and offering services in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway.

Merko Ehitus Eesti and Merko Kodud employ nearly three hundred and fifty people, who strive every day to make each
new building better than the last. The Merko team will find the answers to all your questions.

All the construction
services you need

We carry out large, complex and innovative projects as well as smaller construction works. We construct buildings and infrastructure and energy installations, relying on the diverse experience of our engineering staff and skilled workers.

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Beautiful and cosy homes
refined to the last detail

In apartment developments, we manage the entire process from acquiring the plots, preparing detailed spatial plans and organising architecture competitions through to the design, construction and sale of apartments and commercial premises, and after-sales service.

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Complete development and construction solutions

We assist our partners at all stages of development and construction, from acquiring the real estate to perfecting the development plan and completing the building. If an idea needs support, we are happy to be your partner.

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Business done with responsibility and care

We take responsibility for our decisions and actions that affect employees, customers and partners, as well as local communities, the environment and society at large.

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We make dreams come true

We are guided by the best construction practises, fascinated by innovation, and driven by the will to offer greater value to the customer through innovative solutions. We follow best practises, care about our people and value our partners. 

  • 30.04.2024

    We are starting construction on the sixth stage of Uus-Veerenni

  • 25.04.2024

    The Tihase development project has been completed

  • 15.03.2024

    Noblessner light tower adorned by a lighting installation called Pesa (Nest)

We support the future of Estonia by collaborating in five areas – we create opportunities for recreational sports, enhance urban space, encourage education and future generations, preserve culture and artistic heritage, and help those in need.