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The Tihase apartment buildings are like a well-kept secret, the meeting point of two very different worlds: one a family-friendly garden suburb with its cosy courtyards, the other a space that pulses to the rhythm of the city centre, with all the fun and excitement it has to offer. These two worlds intersect at 26//28 Sõpruse avenue.

Take time to live in the moment


The tihase apartments are in an unbeatable location – in logistical terms, it would be difficult to find anything that even comes close. They are as well suited to those who champion a green worldview as they are to those whose busy lives mean they are often behind the wheel.


Located in the green heart of the city, the tihase apartments offer almost limitless recreational opportunities. There is something for everyone, however actively or otherwise you like to spend your free time.

Schools & kindergartens

The area around the Tihase apartments is a safe and friendly space for children of all ages.


Pets are a natural part of living in a garden suburb – this also applies to the homes of Tihase.

Commercial spaces

The business premises on the 1st floor of the tihase complex are the perfect complement to the residential spaces in the buildings.