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Construction specs

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Building attributes

Energy class

The energy efficiency rating calculated for the residential and commercial buildings being constructed at 26//28 Sõpruse Avenue is equivalent to energy class A. Solar panels will be installed on the roofs of the buildings.

Building structures

The load-bearing structures on the underground level of the apartment building will be monolithic reinforced concrete posts, beams and walls with suspended ceilings made from hollow reinforced concrete panels. The load-bearing framework of the above-ground floors will be formed from prefabricated single- and triple-layer reinforced concrete elements. To ensure greater sound insulation, the suspended ceilings are to be made from 265 mm hollow reinforced concrete panels.

Internal walls, stairwells & corridors

To ensure greater sound insulation, the walls between apartments will be made from 200 mm reinforced concrete panels. The partition walls within apartments will be plasterboard walls on a metal framework. The walls of wet rooms are to be made from lightweight blocks. The above-ground sections of both buildings feature a stairwell with two lifts.

Apartment attributes

Balconies, loggias & terraces

The balconies and 5th-floor terraces will feature glass railings. The balconies overlooking the Sõpruse Avenue have been designed as loggias, with the lower glass railings fitted with sliding glass enabling the balconies to be closed in. The metal railings on the 1st-floor terraces and private courtyard areas are to be fitted with gates providing access to the shared courtyard.

Doors & windows

The windows in the apartments will be triple-glazed with timber and aluminium frames. The external doors of the apartments will be fireproof veneer wooden doors. Depending on the height of the ceilings, the internal doors will be either 210 cm or 230 cm high. Two options are available: painted panel doors or wooden doors with a veneer finish.

Ceiling height

The apartments on the 1st floor will have higher ceilings, reaching to 3,1 metres. The ceilings in the apartments on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors will measure 2,75 metres. Higher ceilings will feature again in the apartments on the 5th floor, standing at 3,0 metres.

Heating & ventilation

Heating & interior climate

The buildings will be connected to the central heating system operated by Utilitas Tallinn. Water-based floor heating which can be adjusted in every room will ensure an energy-efficient interior climate. The heating pipe cabinet in each apartment will be installed in the hallway closet or utility room. Effective air exchange and healthy air within the apartments will be ensured with an apartment-based forced ventilation system with a rotary heat-exchanger. Ventilation equipment will be situated in the utility room, wardrobe or bathroom. Apartment-based exhaust channels will be installed for kitchen rangehoods. Air conditioning is available for the living room and one bedroom in each apartment, which buyers can purchase for an additional fee.

Smart buildings

All of the apartments are to be constructed according to the principle of ‘smart buildings’, which means that access, the internal climate and the reading of meters will be automated. The standard ‘smart building’ installation for apartments includes heating and ventilation controls, an intercom system with picture and sound and the reading of electricity and hot and cold water meters. Readings will be automatically forwarded to the building manager. All of the foregoing will be able to be managed and monitored online or via the monitor in the apartment.

Water & electricity

Water supply & sewerage

The buildings will be connected to Tallinn’s water supply and sewerage system. Hot water will be produced on site in the complex’s own boiler plant. Water meters will be read remotely. Readings will be taken automatically and forwarded to the building manager’s database. Commercial spaces will obtain hot water from the boiler on their own premises.

Electricity & weak-current systems

Remotely read electricity meters will be located in the switchboard in the car park. The apartment distribution board with electricity and weak-current parts will be flush to the wall in the hallway closet or in the utility room. Switches, power points and recessed ceiling lighting will be installed in the apartments in locations selected by the interior architect. Balconies, loggias and terraces will be fitted with lighting and a power point suitable for use in outdoor conditions. Technical preparations will be in place for telephone, Internet and TV service contracts to be entered into with service providers. All storage spaces will come with a metered power point for the charging of electric bikes, e-scooters and the like.

Charging of electric cars

Technical preparations will be made for charging points for electric cars to be installed in parking spaces. This means providing the cabling needed for the installation of the central smart device and chargers. The central device will be fitted with a dynamic load meter, measuring use for the entire building and directing unused and available capacity to the chargers. If residents decide to buy an environmentally friendly electric car or already have one when they move in, the charging system set up in the building will enable them to contact the service provider selected by the apartment association to provide the final connections.

Other features

Underground level

The underground car park serving both buildings will feature a large area for bikes and prams. The space for bikes will have wall-mounted bike holders, and there will also be a place for washing the bikes. A storage space has been planned for every apartment which also has a power point for the charging of electric bikes and e-scooters. The walls of the underground floor are decorated with graphics.

Courtyard area

The placement of the complex on the property will act as a sound barrier to the fenced landscaped courtyard. Play areas have been devised for the courtyard for both toddlers and young children, including a sealed bike circuit, as well as a modest relaxation area with picnic tables and seating. The relief of the surrounding green area and playground is undulating, and the landscaping is lush and versatile.


Between the two sets of stairs in front of both buildings there will be a ramp to ensure ease of access for wheelchair users and people with prams.

Commercial spaces

The part of the complex on the 1st floor fronting onto the street will feature three commercial spaces, access to which will be directly from the street i.e. with no need to enter the stairwells. There are separate parking spaces for visitors of the small businesses.