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We are starting construction on the sixth stage of Uus-Veerenni

We will soon start the construction of a new apartment building in the Uus-Veerenni residential quarter. In the largest new residential area in the centre of Tallinn, a living environment with 500 apartments has already been completed and continues to develop vigorously. The next homes will be completed at Tiiu 14 in the summer of 2026.

There are 63 apartments in the eight-storey energy Class A building, which is being built as the sixth stage of the Uus-Veerenni development and is the tallest building in the residential quarter so far. The 2- to 5-bedroom homes for families of different sizes range from 35 to 115 square metres. Construction work on the 39th apartment building in Uus-Veerenni will begin in the coming months, with completion planned for the summer of 2026.

“To date, we have completed more than two-thirds of the residential buildings in Uus-Veerenni. A vigorously growing community, a public urban space adhering to the ideology of reuse and closeness to nature, a long-awaited kindergarten, and facilities offering diverse leisure opportunities that have been created with the wishes of the community in mind have turned Uus-Veerenni into a truly enjoyable place to live,” Indrek Tarto, manager of Merko Kodud, says of the development of the block so far.

Last year, the modern Kalli-Kalli kindergarten opened in Uus-Veerenni. Prioritising the wishes of the residents of the block, OMAklubi’s training hall and Rattatimm bike maintenance workshop, which also serves as a cafe and a venue, were also established in the block. In the vacant lots waiting for the construction of the next buildings, there is an intermediate park, where the residents of the block can enjoy various recreational and sporting activities and which can be relocated once the construction of the buildings starts.

The architectural solution of the Tiiu 14 property, which is the next to be completed in Uus-Veerenni, has been created by KOKO architects. The building consists of components of different heights, which line up fronting Tiiu Street. The alternating coloured brick and light concrete surfaces on the facades combine with the trapezoidal windows to give the walls a happy, playful look.

On the side of the yard, there are more private outdoor areas that are open to the light and designed to be pleasant meeting places. As a nod to the former function of the areas of Uus-Veerenni as a water channel, the rainwater that collects in the yard is directed into a channel-like hollow with a rocky bottom and green slopes, offering a treat for the eyes and an exciting playscape for children. The winding roads and green areas in the surrounding area soften the geometric architecture of the buildings.

All the Tiiu 14 apartments are ready for a cooling system to be installed, with the system already included in the sales price of the larger apartments. The solar panels on the roof produce energy for the apartment building’s local consumption. As usual in Uus-Veerenni, the parking spaces have been moved to a designated underground level parking floor. All parking spaces are equipped with electric car charging points.

Nestled between Veerenni, Vana-Lõuna, and Tehnika Streets, Uus-Veerenni is central Tallinn’s largest comprehensive housing development. The quarter, which is being built in stages and has a total area of about 12 hectares, will have nearly 50 residential buildings. To date, residents have moved into 38 buildings.

Uus-Veerenni has received recognition in several competitions. In 2020, the inner courtyard of the first construction stage of the quarter won the annual award of the Estonian Association of Landscape Architects in the courtyard category. In 2023, the same competition recognised the 8,500 square metre Uus-Veerenni public park area, which boasts playgrounds, sculptures that animate the urban space, a recreation area and a reading corner.

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