The building

In the course of construction work, the 5-floor house at 328 Pärnu mnt will undergo total renovation and get a modern extension, which will be used to create a harmonious whole between the new and historical parts. The two parts of the house will be connected by a central staircase with an elevator hall and a gallery. The business premises on the first floor will have personal entrances right from the street.


The architectural design approach of the house gives both the reconstructed and the new part of the building a special position. The interior of the buildings is made fascinating by an expressive lobby and stair hall. The elevator hall with the gallery are a connecting link between the two parts of the building where the natural light from the vast gallery spaces and the lighting design of the stair halls harmonise.

The apartments have high ceilings. The washrooms have large shower areas. Showers can be replaced by bathtubs in the initial phase of construction when required. Larger apartments include a sauna, and several apartments have a separate utility room.

Building constructions

Nõmme 328 is a building with a shallow foundation, one underground and five ground floors. The load-bearing walls of the existing part of the building are made of brick masonry. The load-bearing walls of the new part of the house are designed of precast reinforced concrete elements. In the new part of the house, the walls between the apartments are designed partly of precast reinforced concrete elements and partly of three-layer masonry where there is an isolating layer with an air gap in-between. The floors of the reconstructed part are built of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. The floors of the new part of the house are designed of precast hollow-core slabs.

Windows and doors

The apartments have soundproof windows with wood and aluminium profiles. The internal door selection includes both panelled doors and flush doors with horizontal veneer. The entrance doors of the apartments and the front door of the house are wooden.

Electric and low-current systems

The electricity meters of the apartments are located on the basement floor in the main switchboard room. The fuses and low-current systems are in the switchboards of the apartments. Readings are transmitted by remote reading. The sanitary rooms, utility rooms, and entrance rooms have recessed spotlights. An optical cable is laid up to the apartment’s switchboard for internet and television transmission. Cabling within the apartment is done with cabling corresponding to the cat 6 standard. The rooms are fitted with modular sockets for data communication, and power sockets. The apartments are fit for the installation of security alarm devices.

Heating, ventilation, and water supply

Heating in the house is supplied by a gas network – the house has its own gas boiler. The apartments in the reconstructed part of the house have radiator heating. The toilets and washrooms have been installed electric underfloor heating for convenience. The apartments in the new part of the house have water underfloor heating. An apartment-based forced ventilation system with heat recovery ensures good ventilation in the apartments and business premises. The house is connected to the water and sewerage system of the city of Tallinn. Readings are transmitted by remote reading.

Interior finishing

The finishing sets for the residential premises include sets with panelled doors and profiled floor skirting as well as flush doors with horizontal veneer. As for the parquets, the selection includes classical one-strip natural parquets and authentic fishtail parquets. The floors of entrance rooms and the washrooms are covered with ceramic tiles according to the finishing plan. The washrooms are furnished with sink cabinets and spacious side cabinets, and the mirrors in the sanitary rooms have integrated lighting. The shower sets include both a main shower and a separate handset. The toilet bowls have in-wall frames and flush tanks.


The private and green courtyard of Nõmme 328 serves as a fun play area for children and a pleasant leisure space for adults. Parking spaces for residents are located on the basement floor of the building to ensure a car-free yard. As a special tribute to Nikolai von Glehn, both the main entrance area of the building and the courtyard and its elements are designed with inspiration from the cell motifs in Glehn’s palm house.

Smart house

The apartments are built on the ‘Smart House’ principle. This means that passage through the apartment, monitoring of different readings, and climate control can be done both through a monitor inside the apartment and over the internet.

Energy class

The building complies with energy efficiency class C.


All of the photos used on the website are illustrative.