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Three stages of sales

  1. Reserving the apartment. To reserve an apartment, fill out the application form on the website. This will reserve the apartment you have selected for up to two weeks free of charge. As soon as the Sales Manager confirms your booking, we will list the apartment as “booked” on our web site. Our Sales Manager will notify you in writing. This period can be extended on agreement with the sales manager. If you fail to provide us with the necessary information during the reservation period, the seller has the right to unilaterally cancel your reservation.
  2. Contract under the law of obligations. While the apartment building is under construction, a notarised contract under the law of obligations is entered into with the client. The basis for the issuing of such a contract is payment of 15% of the purchase price.
  3. Real right contract. Once construction has been completed, a notarised real right contract is entered into with the client, accompanied by the transfer of the apartment ownership right. At this point the client pays the remainder (85%) of the purchase price.

The contract price includes:

  • readiness of apartment and home pursuant to project and interior finishing solution selected;
  • bathroom furniture with sanitary technology;
  • fee for establishing and connecting to technical utility networks (electricity, water and sewerage lines).

The contract price does not include:

  • notary fee and state fee related to signing the sale contract;
  • fee for connecting to telephone service, data communication, cable television network and security alarm system.

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