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The construction tender for the data center, which will become the largest center in the Baltic states, was won by the Merko company

The Merko Ehitus Eesti company has won the construction tender for the first stage of the data center, which will become the largest MCF data center in the Baltic states and appear in Saue district, costing nearly ten million euros. In addition, the MCF group will invest another 20 million euros to constructing special parts of the first building.

According to Kert Evert, manager of the MCF Group Estonia, which is the data center’s founder, the construction works will begin immediately and is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2021. “This is the first data center in Estonia, the entire development of which has been done with due account for just and only the requirements imposed on creating the data center,” – as Evert said.

“Three major companies participated in the contest of the construction tender, and the Merko company offered the best price-quality ratio, and they were able to show high competence in the similar field – especially in technology. Also, the Merko company had a clear vision of carrying out the project,” – as Evert added.

According to Veljo Viitmann, member of the board of the Merko Ehitus Eesti company, it is a complex and large-scale construction project. The super high level of security, which is used all over the project, and, in order to ensure both the physical and electronic barriers, and to fulfill the ISKE standard of the 3-stage baseline security for the Estonian information systems. There has not built anything alike in Estonia before,” – as Viitmann stressed the uniqueness of the project.

According to Kert Evert, manager of the MCF, the data center, which will appear in Saue district, will be the first of a kind in the country, as the management of its whole construction & development process meets the ISO standard. “In parallel with the construction works by the Merko company, other partners deliver the data center’s specific special parts, which cost twice as more as the construction of the very building,” – as Evert told.

The first stage of the data center includes 14,500 square meters in the three-floored building. The architect is Mari Kallas, and the structural designer is Holger Karema.

The MCF data center project was initiated in 2015 by renowned and long-experienced private investors in Estonia and Finland. In order to reach the current stage, the project was supported, among others, by e. g. Enterprise Estonia (EAS), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, and about a dozen other public and private institutions.

The area of buildings of the data center, which is being built on the boundary between Saue and Harku districts, may be equal to 14,000 to 35,000 square meters and accommodate more than 1,000 equipment cabinets with 40,000 servers. The data center’s power is a 20+ Megawatts, which will be provided by two independent electrical contacts, 110 kilovolts each, and, in addition, the diesel generators’ fuel supply for the duration of 72 hours.