Steps to transaction

Buying commercial premises from Merko is easy

The information on the project website and our helpful sales managers will advise you if you have any questions. They will agree on the details of the purchase transaction with you, mediate communication with the construction team, prepare the documents, schedule your visit to inspect the premises and book an appointment with a notary to sign the contract.

Steps to new business premises

  • Choose the premises you like best from the Merko website, check out the building and the premises on the project website and read the construction information.
  • Once you have found suitable business premises, send a booking application via the project website. The sales manager will contact you to confirm the booking. Please note: Premises can be booked for up to three weeks, booking is free of charge. 
  • If the interior is unfinished, you can choose an interior design package and the sales manager will prepare a notarial sales contract with appendices based on the information received from you. Please note: If you are financing your purchase with a bank loan, now is the last moment to contact the bank.
  • When purchasing business premises under construction, a notarial contract of sale is signed under the law of obligations, which requires you to pay 15% of the purchase price.
  • When the business premises are ready, a notarial contract of sale is signed under the law of property, on the basis of which you become the owner of the premises. Before signing the contract, you can inspect the premises, the solutions and equipment will be presented and you can inspect the work to make sure that everything is as you agreed. Please note: Before signing the contract, the price of the business premises must be paid into the bank account of Merko Ehitus Eesti or the deposit account of the notary attesting the transaction. If the purchase is financed by a bank, a representative of the bank will also be present when the contract is signed. 
  • After signing the notarial contract under the law of property, your new business premises will be handed over to you: you will receive a key set, maintenance and operating instructions, and the utility readings will be recorded. Then you can start using your new business premises!
  • We will still be there for you! We hope you enjoy your new premises! We look forward to your feedback and will be happy to assist you if you have any questions or concerns that can be addressed under the warranty.