What makes a Merko home?

What makes a Merko home?

Valuable living environment

When planning and building homes, we use knowledge and experience gained over decades, and involve the best partners to create safe, environmentally friendly and lasting homes.

All Merko homes have a healthy and comfortable indoor climate and energy-efficient underfloor heating. We pay great attention to achieving excellent soundproofing. Some of our residential buildings have smart home solutions, in which a smartphone or tablet can be used to control the heating and ventilation of the apartment, check the meters and open the front door of the house to guests. 

Cosiness and comfort

We want every apartment buyer and their family to feel great in their new home. In cooperation with acclaimed architects, we create well-planned, functional, spacious homes with plenty of light. To turn an apartment into a home, we involve interior designers and, if the client wants, furnish the entire apartment.

We offer a wide range of interior design packages and use high-quality equipment and finishing materials to provide lasting value. Our apartments have enough power outlets and the switches are located in the most practical places. Bathrooms are fully furnished in addition to sanitary ware.

Energy saving and cost efficiency

Merko homes are in low-energy buildings with energy-efficient solutions. We have experience in building energy class A houses since 2013. From 2020, we apply for building permits for our new development projects only for the construction of near zero-energy buildings.

When developing apartments, we consider the practical shape of the building and choose the best possible solar orientation for the dwellings. We use efficient heat-recovery ventilation systems; external wall structures, doors and windows have good heat and sound resistance.

Home security

We use central key systems and copy-protected keys. The entrances to Merko homes are equipped with intercoms and the apartments have security alarm readiness.

We also use construction techniques that protect your home against unexpected events. For example, we make bathroom walls from concrete blocks to prevent moisture problems.

We build lit roads and streets around the houses and install safe equipment on children’s playgrounds. We consider the needs of all users when planning parking and yard areas.

Quality work

Quality is important to us in planning and design as well as in construction and interior decoration. With more than 30 years of experience, we know how to keep to project deadlines and Merko’s high standards; our subcontractors and partners are required to do the same.

We involve qualified owner supervision professionals. While the site team is responsible for continuous supervision, Merko quality specialists also check compliance and consult on technical issues. For larger procurements, we check the conformity of the products even before they are delivered by the supplier. 

From planning to warranty – all from Merko

Take a look at the Uus-Veerenni residential quarter to see how we plan an apartment development project.