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Merko is helping Do Good MTÜ to acquire household appliances for those in need

Merko is supporting the non-profit organisation Do Good MTÜ with 15,000 euros for purchasing necessary household appliances for families in need. This is one of the largest donations to Do Good so far, which will make life easier for nearly fifty families in need.

“Do Good MTÜ helps those in need with essential items that they do not have the means to procure themselves. We mainly provide clothing, children’s products, furniture, bicycles and food, a lot of which we receive as donations from kind people,” says Kärt Kanne, Member of the Board of Do Good MTÜ. “We often receive requests for household appliances, but it has been very difficult for us to meet those requests because people do not give away functioning appliances, and they are expensive when new. We are very pleased that, with support from Merko, we are able to supply nearly fifty families with a household appliance, depending on their specific needs.”

“Do Good together with its volunteers and network of partners do admirable work to support those in need. Merko builds new homes for hundreds of families every year, which is why the idea of a comfortable home is very important to us. We are very pleased that this joint charity project will help to make life easier in those homes where help is needed. A home appliance is not just a machine – it makes it possible to have a clean home and clean laundry, to store and cook food, and other things that make everyday life easier. It is also important that energy-efficient equipment helps save on consumption,” says Merit Kullasepp, Communication and Marketing Manager at Merko Ehitus.

Do Good MTÜ provides support to nearly 200 families a year, and its activities include providing help to mother-child shelters, people with disabilities, low-income families, single parents and others, who are reached mostly in cooperation with support persons and social workers. Help is provided mainly in the form of in-kind support and by distributing donations given by others. Do Good’s Facebook page has almost 10,000 followers.

“As those who need help are often people with special needs or single mothers who are unable to transport, receive or install the necessary household appliance at home on their own, further valuable help is provided by Euronics, a partner in Merko’s project, as they offer us specific products based on the needs we communicate to them, and arrange transport and installation all over Estonia and, if necessary, the recycling of old equipment,” adds Kärt Kanne.