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Merko completes design and construction work on the second phase of Sillamäe piping and bore wells

The design and construction project for the city of Sillamäe’s water mains and bore wells will ensure that residents have access to drinking water of the required quality. As part of the second phase of the project, AS Merko Infra renovated and built 11 km of water piping and close to 12 km of sewerage pipes. In addition, two pump stations were rebuilt and one water treatment station was improved.

“The modernization of Sillamäe’s water and sewerage system will ensure that drinking water meets the requirements and is much better in quality than it used to be. As a result of the work performed, leakage along the pipelines has also been minimized and thanks to more efficient waste water treatment process, the pollution load of the effluent routed into the Gulf of Finland has been reduced,” said AS Sillamäe Veevärk director Viktor Rodkin.

“In the second phase, we designed, renovated and built a total of 11.4 km of water piping, 10.3 km of downstream sewerage piping and 1.4 km of pressurized sewerage pipe. We also renovated two bore well pumping stations and improved one water treatment station. For the purpose of improving water quality, ultraviolet light (UV) equipment were installed in the central and micro-pump station and in the bore well pump station no. 8. Disinfection of water using UV radiation consists of exposure of any micro-organisms in the water to the required UV radiation dose,” said AS Merko Infra project manager Kalev Luiga.

The work in the first phase of the Sillamäe water and sewerage piping was performed from 2010-2012, also by Merko. In the course of this phase, 11 km of water piping and 15 km of sewerage piping was installed, along with 11 bore well pumping stations, two waste water pump stations, two level 2 pumps and one water treatment station.