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Itella Logistics Centre will be established in Rae Industrial Park

On 3 June Tõnu Toomik, the chairman of the management board of Merko Ehitus and Tiit Roben, the future chairman of the management board of Merko Ehitus, Joni Sundelin, the vice president of Itella Corporation and Risto Merisalu, the managing director of Itella Logistics, placed a cornerstone to one of the largest logistics centres in Estonia.

Tõnu Toomik, the chairman of the management board of Merko Ehitus, said in placing the cornerstone that as the logistics centre is the most capacious object of the whole Rae Industrial Park, this is just as placing the cornerstone for the whole industrial park. The construction is in progress on already 9 plots out of 41 and 80% of the total 52 hectares of the industrial park is covered with contracts.

The area of Itella Logistics Centre will be 16 800 square meters, the height of the room on the storage area is 14.4 m, the building has gates and loading bridges for the simultaneous service, the registered immovable property has the planned area of perspective construction of 7400 m2, Urmas Mägi, the project manager of Merko Ehitus, said.

The cost of design and construction contract of Itella Logistics is 157 million kroons, to which VAT is added. The due date for the performance of works is 9 February 2009.

Itella Grupp (with the former name Finnish Post) is the logistics company providing information as well as the logistic service of physical goods. The group operates in nine North European countries, providing the service to the final consumers in Finland under the trademark Post and internationally to the corporate clients under the trademark Itella.