Protection against unexpected events

Merko apartment buildings have a two-year warranty, which covers the usual changes associated with new buildings (e.g. cracks due to the sinking of the building) and other problems covered by the warranty. The warranty period starts when the apartment or commercial premises in the apartment building are handed over to the buyer or when a building permit is issued for the building (whichever occurs later).

During the warranty period, we will perform all necessary warranty repairs at Merko’s expense. Defects that prevent the use of the apartment will be fixed in the shortest possible time, and the remaining defects, after the end of the warranty period.

Please note: Concerns about jointly used areas (stairs, landings, courtyards, facades, roofs, playgrounds) and technical systems (heating, electricity, ventilation, low voltage power supply, water supply, sewerage) should be addressed to the house manager and/or apartment association.