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VOOL x Tihase – charge your electric car conveniently in your own parking space

The growth in electric cars places new demands on our homes. Easy and worry-free charging at home is simple even when living in an apartment building, and household electricity prices allow you to do this cheaper than at public charging stations.

With every parking space in the underground parking lot providing the possibility to charge an electric car, the residents of the Tihase development project can celebrate.

3D photo of the Tihase development project: Yellow

Essentially, this means that the necessary cables have been routed to each parking space, and a VOOL electric vehicle charging box has been installed there. In addition, a load controller has been installed in the building’s distribution board. The owner of the apartment only has to order the components for the charging box at their parking space.

The Tihase development’s underground parking charging solution is based on equipment from the Estonian company VOOL. The dynamic load management controller or LMC monitors the household’s energy consumption from inside the electrical enclosure and directs only unused power to charging vehicles. This ensures that the energy needs of homes are prioritised and all excess electricity is used for charging. The excess power is distributed equally among the cars charging at that time. VOOL’s charging solution assures that the car can be charged as fast as the house’s electrical capacity allows.

When you park your car at home, you don’t have to worry about positioning it perfectly because VOOL’s 6.5-metre cable will reach the vehicle however it is parked. VOOL Charger’s Type 2 plug is compatible with the vast majority of electric cars on the market.

The free-of-charge VOOL app lets you monitor charging, as well as allows you to automate it based on market electricity prices. Charging is initiated either by pressing a button in the app or tapping a personalised RFID card against the charger. In this way, every homeowner can be sure that they only pay for their own charging. At the end of the month, the electricity used to charge the car is added to the utility bill of the corresponding apartment.


We are cooperating with the Estonian company VOOL because they jointly develop the electric vehicle charger, the load management controller and the management software necessary for charging. As a result, we can be sure that the different components of the system are all designed to work together.

VOOL’s products offer smart charging based on market prices, which means a fully charged car at the most favourable price for the customer.

VOOL’s solution also enables the most efficient use of the building’s electric load capacity, so that as many cars as possible can be charged as quickly as possible. Upgrading a house’s main fuse is expensive, so avoiding having to do so saves money for all the residents.

Because their software and hardware are constantly being improved, VOOL’s system is future-proof. Additionally, the software and hardware both comply with the open OCPP protocol and, therefore, are compatible with software and hardware from other companies. All VOOL products have a 5-year warranty.

It should also be mentioned that VOOL products are developed and produced in Estonia – and they look great, too!

Tihase homes are ready to move into. Check out those that are still available!

In Tihase homes, it is possible to either buy or rent an electric vehicle charger for your parking space. Contact VOOL at and mention your address and parking space number. Within two working days, you will receive an offer for the product with installation, and within two weeks of confirming the offer, the charger will arrive at the parking spot.

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