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Noblessner, recognised as the best urban development in the Baltic countries, is situated by the sea, near the Seaplane Harbour, within a walking distance from Tallinn city centre and the Old Town. Once the principal submarine shipyard in the Russian Empre, it has now evolved into a stylish and modern seaside urban area. Noblessner features historical industrial buildings with stately architecture, a marina, art galleries, best eateries in town, diverse cultural life and high-quality real estate development.

Noblessner is among the most popular, beautiful and desirable neighbourhoods in Tallinn.

Next to Noblessner Marina, there will soon be five buildings with spacious balconies. Each building is designed to accommodate 25–35 apartments and nearly 400 m² of business space. Those buildings, special in a number of aspects, will form an ensemble with the old industrial buildings of Noblessner and the modern new apartment houses on Staapli street.

The buildings will have safe underground parking. The apartments with plenty of light and higher-than-average ceilings will offer all comforts and luxury that could be expected from modern elite-class real estate. High building quality will be guaranteed by Merko’s professionalism and many years of experience.

The new apartments and business spaces of Noblessner are developed by Kodusadam OÜ, a joint venture between by BLRT Gupp and Merko Ehitus Eesti. The architecture of the Vesilennuki houses was born through a high-level architectural competition, which was won by KOKO architects. The design of the buildings has been inspired by the sea, the port facilities and the more than century-old history of Noblessner. The interior architectural solution was created by Kaos Arhitektid.


Noblessner is friendly, stylish and safe: the town square, a number of streets and the promenade are car-free areas. The air is always fresh here, the sea views are fascinating and there is lots of space. The promenade of Noblessner is a perfect place to enjoy fantastic sunsets over Tallinn Bay.

The five buildings will be located near Noblessner Marina. If you wish to live by the sea, close to the city centre, and you enjoy cultural events, good food and summertime seaside and city bustle, Noblessner is just for you.

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  • ~2000 m²

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Noblessner has been hosting world-class musical and cultural events for more than a decade. It has inspired a number of artists, film-makers and photographers. Noblessner is home to KAI Art Centre, Shishi, Põhjala brewery, PROTO Invention Factory, galleries and some of the best eateries in Tallinn.

The idea of seaside living could be particularly attractive for those who have a personal and close relationship with the sea. The presence of Noblessner Marina makes it possible to keep your boat literally next to home. The marina accommodates 140 berths and plans to increase this to nearly 400 by the year 2025.


• Baltic Real Estate Awards 2020: The Best Urban Regeneration
• Tallinn Entrepreneurship Award for Development Project 2019
• Recognition of the Estonian National Heritage Board for the restoration of Noblessner Foundry
• Recognition of the City of Tallinn and the National Heritage Board for the restoration of the KAI Art Centre building

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