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We are building Stage I of Rail Baltica’s Ülemiste joint terminal

Merko Ehitus Eesti and our partner KMG Infra signed a design-build contract today for establishing the first stage i.e. zero cycle of the Rail Baltica Ülemiste joint terminal.

The contract covers construction on the load-bearing structures underlying the railway at the Ülemiste joint terminal, which will be called the Linda terminal after a mythological character. In this phase, the concrete part of the underground level of the terminal and other necessary buried utility lines needed for the railway infrastructure will be completed. The construction work will be shared 50/50 with Merko Ehitus Eesti, which is the lead partner.

At the signing of the contract, chairman of the board of Rail Baltic Estonia Anvar Salomets said the development of Rail Baltica and its facilities will pick up speed significantly this year. “I’m glad that we are now at the point of entering into the second construction contract on such an intricate and important transport hub as Ülemiste joint terminal. It will result in the underground part of the new terminal building,” said Salomets.

The cost of the contract is about 44.8 million euros, plus VAT. In terms of sum, it is the largest Rail Baltica contract in Estonia.

“Along with our good partners from KMG Infra, we are pleased to lay the foundation for Estonia’s most important public transport hub, which is unique, and provide connections for road users and train and air passengers, and, via a short tram ride, also ferry passengers. The Ülemiste terminal will in future be the start and end terminus and intermediate station for many Estonians and their visitors,” said Merko Ehitus Eesti’s chairman of the management board Ivo Volkov.

The first construction works under the contract will begin in the months ahead, will take place in stages and have minimal impact on current train traffic. The deadline for completion of the work is September 2026.