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Recognition for construction of the Jäneda substation

Winner of the Elektrilevi Construction Object of the Year 2020 competition, in the category of regional and distribution substations, is the Jäneda substation. A completely new substation was built in Jäneda within the framework of the winning work, in which both Elering’s 110 kV part and Elektrilevi’s 10 kV part were completed.

Elering ordered the construction of a 110 kV outdoor switchyard with control, auxiliary and monitoring systems at the substation, and two new end trusses with an iron lattice structure were erected in the immediate vicinity of the substation for the incoming lines. A control building and cells for Elektrilevi’s transformers were also built inside the substation, service roads were built within the substation and the access roads to the substation were partially renovated. In the future, the Jäneda substation will become the main substation in the region.

Elektrilevi has recognized Merko’s electricity builders before. A year ago, the Kiini 110/20 kV substation was awarded the title of Elektrilevi’s best regional and distribution substation in the competition for objects completed in 2019.