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Merko is the most preferred employer for technology students

Instar employer branding agency conducts its survey once a year to determine what university and vocational school students are expecting from an employer and which ones in Estonia are perceived as the most appealing. We are Estonia’s most attractive employer among technology students.

This year was the 14th year that Instar has announced its most attractive employers and recognized them with a quality label. Starting in 2017, the rankings are also compiled by each sector. Since then technology students have always seen us among the top employers.

We have previously been in their top three for five times and in 2021 came in first, so this year was our second top finish. The respondents were 2,647 university students who are studying various engineering fields, and there were 264 companies rated. Eesti Energia, Nordecon, Starship Technologies and Skeleton Technologies all finished behind Merko.

The recognition really belongs to all Merko staff who work hard every day to ensure to make the next generation of engineers in the Estonian construction sector just as high in quality as the previous ones. The acclaim from students is an ironclad signal that active efforts to enrich university studies, offering internships and the possibility of studying simultaneously with work are the right path.

Instar has carried out the Estonia-wide employee job expectations and employer attractiveness survey since 2010. This year it drew 6,000 university and vocational students and respondents with work experience from economics, information technology, civil engineering, humanities, engineering, logistics and other fields.