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Fifth construction stage of Uus-Veerenni reaches full height

The Uus-Veerenni residential quarter, which is being developed by Merko, is already home to nearly 300 families. The Veerenni Street side of the development area is almost completed, with the last apartment buildings there having reached their full height. 12 buildings with a total of 137 apartments and eight commercial spaces will be completed in the coming months at Veerenni 36b and Pille 11. At the end of this year, three residential buildings with a total of 84 apartments will also be completed at Tiiu 12 in Uus-Veerenni.

Uus-Veerenni ( is the largest new residential quarter in the centre of Tallinn, with nearly 1,400 families living there once finished. Residential buildings with different designs, together with public urban space and the accompanying green, recreation and play areas, as well as the infrastructure and park area to be handed over to the city, will be completed in stages. The total volume of the development project is about 50 buildings, including a new kindergarten that will be finished in the summer of 2023 and a commercial building to be constructed later.

“Uus-Veerenni is like a city within a city. Along Veerenni Street, there are low suburban townhouses with only one apartment on each floor. At the same time, those who prefer an urban feel will find what they’re looking for in the taller buildings rising in the middle of the development area. The sense of home doesn’t start from the apartment door; it starts when you enter the quarter, which is why we have put strong emphasis on the quality of the living environment created around the buildings, the harmony between the buildings and the opportunities that the home quarter offers residents on site,” said the development manager of the Uus-Veerenni quarter Alar Toomik.

Merko has involved the best Estonian architectural firms in the planning of Uus-Veerenni, resulting in a versatile, modern living environment that offers the best user experience to residents. The buildings along Veerenni Street were designed by the Arhitekt Tarbe office, the design of the buildings located at Pille 4 and Tiiu 12 was created by JVR Arhitektid, and the kindergarten building to be completed next year was designed by Conarte office. Preparations for the apartment buildings to be built in the next stages of the development and the planned commercial building are underway in cooperation with Pluss and KOKO architectural offices.

On the last day of August, a rafter party was held on the Veerenni 36b and Pille 11 construction site to celebrate the important milestone. The complex, consisting of 12 buildings connected by an underground parking floor, will centre around a common courtyard. There will be six three-storey buildings along Veerenni Street, each of which has only one large family apartment per floor. Four six-storey buildings with one- to four-room apartments will be built along Pille Street, and two four-storey residential buildings with one- to three-room apartments will be built at the ends of the courtyard. Commercial spaces are located on the first floors of the buildings along Pille Street, which will run inside the quarter, while the terraces of the apartments facing the courtyard contain greenhouses, a pergola and a children’s playground for the common use of the residents.

Great emphasis has been placed on landscape architecture solutions at Uus-Veerenni. The courtyard between the buildings completed during the first development stage of the quarter – a similar one will be built between the buildings that have just celebrated the rafter party – received the annual prize of the Estonian Landscape Architects Union in the courtyard category in 2020. This autumn, a park area will be completed in the quarter, which values biodiversity in landscaping, supports the idea of recycling materials and offers a comfortable stay for residents and guests of Uus-Veerenni. The designers of both projects are KINO landscape architects.

A cosy environment will be built in the courtyard between the Veerenni 36b and Pille 11 buildings. Most of the trees planted in the yard are fruit trees to allow residents to pick produce from their own backyard. Berry bushes, vines and other common garden plants have been planted in addition to flowering shrubs. The glass pavilions/greenhouses erected in the yard allow the residents to grow tomatoes, cucumbers etc. for their own consumption.

In more than thirty years of operation, Merko has built nearly 9,000 high-quality homes in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and created a better living environment for thousands. To ensure quality and the comfort of the apartment buyer, we manage all stages of the apartment development, from the planning and design of a new project to the construction, sale and warranty service of the apartments. The largest residential quarters under construction are Uus-Veerenni and Lahekalda. Information about all Merko development projects can be found at