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A home at Uus-Veerenni, where time stands still and design speaks

Eva-Maria Leetma Marketing Manager for Real Estate Development

Natural materials, neutral colours, and functional, durable and timeless design are keywords that characterise Anna-Maria’s apartment at Uus-Veerenni.

When she was looking for a new home, the residential buildings on Pille Street in the Uus-Veerenni quarter built by Merko caught Anna-Maria’s eye with their excellent location, family-oriented atmosphere and architectural solutions. Unfortunately, the apartments with her desired layout and size had already been sold, but Anna-Maria decided to think big and found two apartments that, when combined, would make a home that is perfectly suitable for her family’s needs.

A personalised home
Since construction was still in the early stages, Anna-Maria could take part in creating her home. That’s how a 2- and a 3-room apartment were combined into one spacious 4-room apartment, which covers all her family’s needs, including a sauna, a shower and a bathtub in one bathroom, a pantry or housekeeping room and a spacious walk-in wardrobe. At such an early stage, it is possible to contribute to the design and construction of the apartment and align all the details with the family’s requirements. Anna-Maria said the apartment was even better in the end than she could have imagined.

A safe garden city in the heart of the city
Anna-Maria picked the Uus-Veerenni quarter for several reasons. In addition to a good location and attractive architecture, child-friendliness was a crucial deciding point – children should be able to go to kindergarten, school and hobby groups safely on their own. Safety is an important focus in the Uus-Veerenni quarter. The parking lot is underground, which takes cars off the street level and leaves that for pedestrians, cyclists, children, athletes and other road users to move about safely.

Anna-Maria also liked the fact that the courtyards and streets of Uus-Veerenni have a lot of greenery – when you walk around the quarter, it’s as if a piece of nature is with you at every step. The courtyards have plenty of activities for the youngest members of the family, pergolas and special places for relaxation, and several stages also have greenhouses for gardening. The playground for each construction stage is a little different, so that the children have a lot of variety and fun when visiting neighbouring courtyards.

Uus-Veerenni’s courtyards have also won critical acclaim. The first courtyard, with its versatility and innovative solutions (a SUDS system, which enables the use of rainwater to aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly effect), received the annual award from the Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union in the courtyard category in 2020.

Timeless and lasting design creates peace of mind
Anna-Maria has worked as a professional interior designer, which is why she had a rather clear vision for furnishing her home. The outside world can be noisy and turbulent, so Anna-Maria wanted to use calm and earthy tones in her home, combining these with natural materials, such as stone and wood, to create a relaxed and enjoyable whole. Anna-Maria’s home has different shades of beige, light fishtail parquet, stone surfaces in the kitchen, plenty of smooth lines and interesting corners, and matte black accents.

When choosing furniture, Anna-Maria had a principle: furniture must serve its owner for many years. It’s not worth buying something that will be out of date after a year or something that you get tired of quickly. She used lasting Danish design as a touch point because it expertly combines a timeless and stylish appearance with functionality.

Photos: Kristiina Vasar (interior), Märt Lillesiim (exterior).

The Uus-Veerenni quarter is constantly developing. The apartments at 12 Tiiu Street are ready for occupants, and the apartments at 11 Pille/36b Veerenni will be completed next. Find out more about the apartments here.

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