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A walk through the demonstration apartment at 12 Tiiu Street

Eva-Maria Leetma Real Estate Marketing Manager

Our newest demonstration apartment at 12 Tiiu Street in the Uus-Veerenni quarter is ready and the result is pleasantly colourful. On the one hand, the demonstration apartment presents bold solutions to inspire those who want to see how such solutions look and feel in real life, before starting to furnish their own home. On the other hand, the apartment proves that even a combination of eye-catching colours can result in a smooth, enjoyable and cosy ensemble.

In the video below, the author of the demonstration apartment and our interior design project manager, Loreida Hein, takes you on a walk to tell the story of how the apartment at 12 Tiiu Street was designed and what you can find there.

You can read Loreida’s blog post about the demonstration apartment at 12 Tiiu Street here!

The homes at 12/1 Tiiu Street are ready and the homes at 12/2 and 12/3 Tiiu Street will be completed in October 2022. You can see the homes that are still available in the trendy Uus-Veerenni quarter here!

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