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A home for your business in
Uus-Veerenni Quarter

  • nearly 10,300 m² of office space
  • more than 1,000 m² of service and catering space
  • up to 1,600 m² of sport center space
  • 12 floors
  • 160 parking spaces on two underground levels
  • closed storage for 100 bicycles
  • sun terraces on higher floors
  • premium architecture and construction
Address Pille 16, Tallinn City Center
Developer and builder AS Merko Ehitus Eesti
Architect KOKO architects
Expected completion 2025
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City Center commercial and residential districts nearby

  • apartment buildings, construction of park area and public urban space is underway, kindergarten to be erected in Uus-Veerenni Quarter
  • Luther Quarter
  • Baltika Quarter
  • commercial buildings near the Veerenni roundabout
  • commercial buildings in the vicinity of Veerenni roundabout, Veerenni, Uus Maailm (New World) and Luite subdistricts nearby
pedestrian bicycle/car
Circular cycle and pedestrian track 15 min 1,1 km
Central bus station 25 min 2,5 km
Tallinn Baltic Station central railway station 35 min 4,5 km
Ülemiste joint railway terminal 40 min 3,0 km
Passenger port 45 min 3,4 km
Airport 50 min 4,0 km

12 floors of opportunity

  • various floorplans, different floors can be connect
  • stairwells and elevator hall in the middle of the cross-shaped building connect the building’s four wings
11th-12th / 367 m²

Spaces in the building's tallest office tower offer extensive views of the city.

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10th floor / 351 m²

On the tenth floor is located the building’s highest roof terrace.

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9th floor / 834 m²

The building's emphatically robust corners and slender office towers of different heights provide for views of the cityscape.

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8th floor / 682 m²

The roofs of the incisions and building parts with varied heights are used as office terraces. On the eighth floor sits the lowest of the building's three solar parks.

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7th floor / 1113 m²

The incisions on the building are covered with a glass facade that in turn is partially covered with shielding. The seventh floor features the building’s largest roof terrace.

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6th floor / 1486 m²

The facades of higher floors have a vertical rhythm with windows extending through two or three floors. The color scheme for the facade varies from yellow to red, lending lightness and originality to the building.

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5th floor / 1461 m²

From the fifth floor up, the building is divided into office towers. The fifth floor boasts office spaces with roof terraces.

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3rd-4th floor / 1474 m²

The third and fourth floors of the commercial building are the largest in the complex. These floors can be connected.

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2nd floor / 1600 m²

A two-story glass facade rises up from the street front. The second floor houses a sports club and office spaces.

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1st floor / 1064 m²

The high-ceiling first floor features a storage space for 100 bicycles and areas suitable for catering, service, and trade that can be accessed both from the street and from within the building.

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Entrance to parking floors from Tiiu Street. Parking for 160 cars on two underground levels.

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