Tartu mnt 52 is your new home in the heart of the city, where everything important in your life is at hand or within reach. It’s a place for quality time with family, business and relaxation, playing with children, romantic walks and enjoying the heartbeat of the city’s evenings. All the essentials are just a walk away – an efficient modern capital city right in the palm of your hand.

New modern
residential quarter

Architects Martin Aunin and Marti Kahu designed the houses and Merko will build them, paying especially close attention to soundproofing and energy efficiency in creating these lasting homes. The architectural solution of the building is complemented by high-quality, distinctive interior finishing packages developed by interior architects Eerik Olle and Ahti Peetersoo. This unique, holistically developed residential quarter in the city centre consists of five apartment buildings and the core – a private, landscaped interior courtyard. The glass-enclosed balconies offer marvellous views of the city. The secure and heated underground parking garage allows a convenient and sheltered return home.

Construction on the residential quarter began with a multi-level underground temperature-regulated parking garage, which will be shared by a total of five apartment buildings. In the first stage, three buildings are due for completion by the end of 2016: 8-storey Building A alongside Tartu Road, and 13-storey Building B and 5-story Building C on the inner street. The second stage of the residential quarter will be completed in summer of 2017, accommodating a 5-storey building on Lastekodu Street and a 7-storey Building D on the inner street.

The courtyard will be lit and will accommodate a
diverse green area with a playground

The Tartu Road 52 residential block is made unique by its courtyard, which combines the buildings to be completed in the first and second stage into an integral whole. The courtyard unites the city artery and the more tranquil part of the town, adding a park-like atmosphere to the urban environment. The courtyard has been designed with a keen eye on both children and adults – the safe and well-lit courtyard will accommodate a playground and resting corners, with the plentiful greenery transforming the area into a private oasis. All first-floor apartments of building D will come with an exclusive open terrace, allowing residents to enjoy dusky summer nights.

The buildings, which are rated energy class B, will be built of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, and the exterior walls will be triple sandwich panels of reinforced concrete.
The energy efficiency in these flats is provided by heat recovery ventilation, which draws air from the roof level to avoid street-level air entering the homes.
Water carrier floor heating adds a feeling of comfort and thanks to this the apartment has no need of traditional radiators along the walls.
The apartments are full of light and have a functional floor plan, the ones on the upper storey are equipped with cooling systems.
For greater soundproofness, the walls between flats will also be made of reinforced concrete panel. The sides of the building facing the street will rely on double-wooden-frame windows with enhanced soundproofing; the balconies are glass-enclosed.
Parking spaces and storage areas are all located in the heated underground two-storey parking garage connecting all of the buildings.

Tartu mnt 52 is an example of a new look building block.
The architects are Martin Aunin and Marti Kahu.

Tartu mnt 52 is an example of a new look building block – it melts into the cityscape and yet it stands out. The different number of storeys in each building make them distinct from one another, creating a well-defined, complete perimeter around an interior courtyard laid out on multiple levels. The uniform visual presented by the buildings is achieved by way of a timeless brick pattern on the facades. The apartments with spacious, large windows have glass-enclosed balconies and dormers in different styles, which blurs the border between interior and exterior.

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