We build homes as if we are building them for ourselves. First comes careful planning; then we hone our ideas during the design phase; and finally we give them form in the construction stage. We have prepared every aspect of your new home with care and attention. So that you can find your ideal home, let us help you select it and guide you through the sales process. We take care of warranty services to make sure you remain as satisfied after moving in as you are excited in the lead-up to doing so.

Your new home will be yours for years to come. Let’s make those years as good as they can be!

Almar Otter

Almar Otter

Sales Manager

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You initiate the sales process by filling in an application on our website to reserve an apartment. We will hold it for you for up to three weeks free of charge, although if you come to an agreement with the Sales Manager this deadline can be extended. Once you choose your preferred interior design package, we start drawing up the documents needed to enter into a contract under the law of obligations. If you fail to provide us with the information we need for the contract during the reservation period, we have the right to unilaterally cancel your reservation.

Contract under the law of obligations

If construction of the building has not been completed by the time you reserve your apartment, we enter into a notarised contract of purchase and sale under the law of obligations with you. This requires you to pay 15% of the sales price.

Real rights contract

Once your apartment has been completed, we enter into a notarised real rights contract with you. This sees the right of ownership in the apartment transferred to you once you pay the remaining 85% of the sales price.

Moving in

We hand over the keys to your new home at the time set out in the real rights contract, after which you can move in at your leisure!

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