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Kerdo Kütt: future leader of digital construction

The digital construction cluster awarded an award for future leader in the field of digital construction to Merko’s junior BIM engineer Kerdo Kütt. The main factor in landing Kütt the prize was his master’s thesis defended at TalTech, which analysed use cases, benefits and constraints of 3D printing of building concrete.

The 3D printing field is still relatively new but fast developing. In addition to the technology and materials used for printing, it is important to understand the impact of the innovation on construction processes and technologies in a broader sense. In his research, Kerdo proposed alternatives for printing buildings’ walls to make construction more efficient. In his thesis, he compared and analysed 3D printed projects in five different parts of the world. Comparative analysis showed that the solutions proposed were realistic in terms of thermal engineering and cost.

The jury singled out Kerdo’s thesis for its high theoretical level and critical analysis he used to treat his topic. The adjudicators saw it as having potential for uses with great practical value in the Estonian context.

The Digital Construction Cluster’s Future Leader of Digital Construction competition aims to recognize students who have completed the bachelor’s and master’s level of study, and who have stood out with illustrious ideas and innovative solutions in fields related to construction and architecture. All 2020/2021 graduates of institutions of higher education were eligible to compete for the award.